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Do you have a survey need that does not fit into one of our service categories? Have you designed a survey and now need to collect results? Or, do you need to create a new survey to meet your specific objectives? Do you want to start a customer satisfaction program? Is there a particular group you need to learn more about?

Insightlink can help with all of these questions and, even better, we also offer a full program of market research through our sister company, Gray Insight.

We can quickly "web enable" a survey you have already designed and issue invitations to participants within a few days. We can then either give you the results in a spread sheet format or analyze the findings and write you a strategic report. Because we host our own surveys, we control all of the survey steps to ensure quality and integrity of the results.

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If you have specific objectives and need survey consulting, we can handle that too. Two of Insightlink's principals each have more than 30 years' experience designing surveys for all kinds of companies and in all kinds of markets.

We have designed and implemented a variety of different Customer Satisfaction studies, including both "point in time" customer studies and "transaction-based" customer studies. Some examples of these studies include:

  • An evaluation of online and telephone transactions among members of a national association
  • A comprehensive review of service for a medical billing supplier among their major hospital clients
  • A year-over-year comparison of customer service among users of specific teaching supplies
  • A combination of qualitative and quantitative ratings of service for a high-end faucet manufacturer
  • A survey of distributors for a major manufacturer of mining equipment
  • An annual evaluation of the logistics department of a large national railway

If you want to learn more, please contact Robert Gray or 866-802-8095 ext. 702.

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Did you know?

Our repeat clients who have used our 4Cs Action Planning Workbook average a 7% increase in overall satisfaction on follow-up employee surveys.

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Employee surveys are a low cost investment in the success and profitability of your company. Research shows that companies with higher levels of employee satisfaction financially outperform their peers.

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