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What is the 4Cs employee survey?

A validated and proven method that looks at employee experience through the critical 4Cs of engagement. A deep analysis of Culture, Communications, Commitment and Compensation.

A traditional approach (but with a powerful kick!)

Short pulse and 12-question surveys may have a role to play as quick "check ins" but are no substitute for a "deep-dive" survey. Organizations are complex and the range of employee attitudes cannot be captured in just a few statements or with only a single "engagement score". You need comprehensive information to know where to make changes and what changes to make. The 4Cs approach does exactly that - gives you meaningful data on all aspects of the employee experience and it's unique to Insightlink.

Do-it-yourself surveys are even more problematic. Since you can't guarantee anonymity, how can you be sure your employees will be honest in their answers? And do you have the internal bandwidth to manage the various parts of an employee survey, from design to data collection and finally to analysis & reporting?

What we can do for you

With 20+ years of experience, Insightlink's dedicated team can easily manage all stages of a successful employee survey. And our 4Cs approach is unmatched.

We write reports that are easy to understand and clearly show you both your strengths and your opportunities.

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It's not worth doing an employee survey if you can't take action based on the results. Our goal is to make the process painless and give you the guidance you need to make good decisions.

Our clients agree...

We have used Insightlink for our employee satisfaction survey for the past 5 years. The employee survey digs deep to help inform us about both engagement and motivation through a series of thought provoking questions. The instruments are easy to understand and thorough and the analysis are professional and timely. I would recommend them to any business.
Cindy Klein
Mentoring Minds

Are you a Committed Loyalist or a Change Seeker or something else? Try the demo survey now and find out.

Employee Survey Demo

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