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Posted by Insightlink on 04/21/22

Why PPE Is Crucial for Health and Safety in the Workplace

Whenever a workplace presents potential environmental risks to employees, employers are required by law to offer personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment is made specifically to protect workers from direct harm and any other health and safety risks on the job, but it could also help to reduce workers’ comp premiums, the cost of accidents, and employee downtime caused by preventable injuries. Here are some of the most common types of PPE, as well as their purpose and importance:

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Posted by Insightlink on 04/15/22

8 Steps You Can Take to Empower Your Workforce

Since the pandemic began nearly two years ago, companies have had to reshape their focus on employees and the human impact the pandemic has had on their personal and professional lives. Many companies and their HR leaders have had to pivot and think outside the box to address employees' needs, retain employees, and keep organizations thriving as a result of the Great Resignation.

Many employers have been delayed from returning to work because of the Omicron variant, and millions of workers have been impacted by long-haul COVID. Yet HR leaders everywhere are helping companies to design more feasible employee engagement plans.

Employee engagement has been garnering increasing attention in the last decade and many companies have developed strategies designed to help them get the most out of their employees. The key to engagement is more than coercing employees to work harder and do more. It is also about developing productive working relationships and a conducive working environment where employees can make the most of their skills and abilities for the benefit of their employers and themselves. Leadership and management have a vital role, which is to motivate and inspire others, to lead the team, and to create a work environment that can facilitate collaboration.

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Posted by Insightlink on 04/11/22

Top 5 Reasons Real Estate Recruiters Need to Develop Presentation Skills

A lot of real estate brokerages experience challenges in hiring talented real estate agents. Often, this situation isn’t the fault of the company. Rather, it’s a combination of various factors such as a highly competitive market and fewer active candidates. The economy also influences several aspects of recruitment.
However, there are also times when recruitment difficulties stem from the shortcomings of the recruiters themselves. For example, they may be limiting their candidate sourcing to just a few platforms when in fact they should be widening their net.
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Posted by Insightlink on 04/11/22

Tips for Recruiters: How to Prevent Applicants from Ghosting

One of the main tasks of recruiters is to find qualified applicants for the company they’re representing. They often review numerous resumes and conduct multiple interviews to determine the best candidate to fill a certain position. However, the recruiter’s role becomes challenging when applicants suddenly stop answering their calls and responding to their messages without any explanation. As a result. hiring managers will need to start the talent acquisition process all over again, which can be time-consuming. It also leaves the position vacant for longer than expected, so it may have a negative impact on company productivity. 

In romantic dating, this sudden and unexplained cutting off of communication is known as “ghosting” and the term has been adapted to describe the phenomenon of job applicants who don’t show up to interviews and stop participating in the application process without giving notice to the recruiter. Typically, candidates choose to ghost recruiters because they found work at a different company, their current employer convinced them to stay, or they weren’t satisfied with the job offer.
If you’re a recruiter, getting ghosted can cause setbacks, but there are several ways you can prevent applicants from abandoning their applications. No matter what vacant Philippines jobs you posted, here are some tips to help you reduce the chances of applicant ghosting. 
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Posted by Insightlink on 04/01/22

4 Job Interview Tips: How to Make a Great Impression

Finding a new job in 2022 usually means two things - you’ll probably work remotely, and you’ll probably do your interview online. Using one of those practical video teleconferencing software solutions is a great way to go, but this also means you’ll have to get ready for this new interview in a new and delicate manner. Even though your potential employers won’t see your entire body, but only your head, hands, and torso, you need to do everything right and try your best to impress these people. Luckily, there are tons of tips you can look into before you start your interviewing process, so if you want to make a great impression as well, here’s what you need to do.

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Posted by Insightlink on 03/31/22

6 Things You Need to Do to Engage Your Gen Y & Z Employees

If you're having trouble engaging your Gen Y and Gen Z employees, you're not alone. These generations are remarkably different from those that came before them, and traditional management tactics often fail to hit the mark. Luckily, there are several things you can do to engage these employees and get the most out of their creativity, productivity, and efficiency. 

This article will discuss six things HR managers need to do to engage their Gen Y and Z employees effectively.
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